Theoretical Sources of the Inter-minority Conflicts

America is one nation that has suffered greatly from the wounds of racial discrimination just as South Africa suffered the effects of apartheid. it is common for two different races of ethnic groups to have conflicts as they reside in the same locality due the competition and superiority complex. This is an analysis of a case study involving the conflict between two different minority races majorly the Blacks and the Asians in the US. This paper presents a persuasive essay that analyzes the theoretical sources of the inter-minority conflicts, and the social movements that can be developed to solve the inter-minority conflict in question and finally the author’s own ethnic identity and position in relation to the conflict in the case study. 


Group Position Theory

Group position theory focuses on people of a single ethnic group seeking dominion over the rest. The theory suggests that people of a common decent to come together for the purpose of seeking dominion over the other groups of people with different decent. This is the basis of prejudice and as such is a good recipe for driving hatred among people. Going by this case study, it is obvious that the conflict is as a result of some sort of racial prejudice that exist between the Blacks and the Asians. This is so since the Asians have displaced the Blacks from taking dominion over the high tech industry which seems to have been the source of livelihood for the blacks. The Asians have moved into the neighborhood hence rising up the cost of life through increased house rents. This is the major conflict where he Blacks are discontented with the fact that they are being viewed as socially and racially inferior.

Middleman minority

This refers to the population of the minority who are in between the manufacturers and consumers. They are the minority and as such they are easily perceived to be very inferior compared to the other groups of people. In this case, the concept of the middleman minority can be attributed to as one of the causes of this conflict going by the facts of this case study. The members of the Black community in this aspect are the minority group and they have been banking on the high tech industry as the source of their livelihood. They have suffered a blow since the members of the Asian community have taken over the operations of the high tech industry hence and as such they have rendered the blacks to be inferior to them and this is the cause of the interracial conflict we see in this case.

Contact theory

This theory encourages contact and association between the conflicting groups. Contact theory is very vital in establishing a social movement with the full potential of bringing peace among the worrying groups. According to the contact theory, there should be common goals and interests for the two conflicting races in this case the Blacks and the Asians. This is very critical since it is a racial conflict that ought to be addressed before it blows out of proportion and cause further social conflicts that are irreparable. The movement established should be in a position of bringing the two communities on board and by that way be able to establish equal interests as well as common goals so as to increase contact and association between these two races. With increased contact as they pursue common goals and common interests, there will be little or no room for conflicts since all of them will be seen as a people pursuing common objectives and with time they will integrate and be at the same economic and social level. As such they will mutually coexist. 

Access to resources

The major source of conflicts anywhere in the world is the access to resources. For there to be peace in any nation, there ought to be the great element of the access to the resources of a particular place especially where more than one group of persons is staying there. Another group should not be seen as having more and easy access as compared to the other. In this case study it is very obvious that he Blacks have been denied access to the high tech industry and as such it is very difficult for there to b peace since they have been denied of this right. The members of the Asian community have taken over and dominated the high tech company. There should be a social movement that should b established to enable equal access to the resources especially in the high tech company for both the Blacks and the Asians for peace to be restored.

Ethnic Institutions

Ethnic institutions are put in place to look into the interests of a particular group of persons. These institutions are very critical in the role they play in terms of championing and bargaining on behalf of the members of the ethnic group for the better. In my view I believe that these ethnic institutions can be the cause of conflicts since the members of a strong ethnic group can capitalize on their tyranny of numbers to oppress the other people hence creating an imbalance potential to occasion or bring about social conflicts. It is vital for such institutions to put in place measures of ensuring equality and embracing the concept of global citizenship. Related to this conflict, the ethnic institution of the Asian community seems to be stronger compared to that one of the blacks hence dominating. It would be good for such institutions to be made illegal since they are the causes of ethnic tensions.

Shared Interests

Shared interests are very imperative as it has the potential of allowing there to be contact between the members of different communities. Such interaction and association in the pursuit of common goals makes it hard for there to be any forms of conflict despite the racial differences. It is crucial for people living within a common locality o have not only shared interests but also common goals and objectives. This has the potential of eliminating any form of conflict.


In summary, this essay focuses on the causes or sources of the inter-minority conflicts that exists between the Asians and the Black and the need for the establishment of the social movements to bring this conflict to an end. It is important for the different races and ethnic groups to mutually coexist together in harmony without any form of conflicts and this can only be achieved when the common interests and goals are established.

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