Persuasive Paper "Who We Are"

Famous German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz claimed that there is a large number of possible existent worlds, whereas people live in the best one among all others. However, everybody would agree that even this so-called best world demonstrates a lot of unideal cases of lie, betrayal, violence and awful crimes again humanity. That is why the question of human rights becomes an extremely topical issue to discuss. That is why various peace-making organizations direct their efforts to eliminate the number of human rights violations all over the world. That is why Amnesty International Organization is not just a random firm but a loud answer to the requirement of time.

The section "Who We Are" on the official site of Amnesty International defines this organization as "a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights".(Amnesty International) In 1961, Amnesty International arose on the international scene as an idea of a random British lawyer and became very influential organization that can truly change the decisions of local parliaments and courts in separate countries.


If you have never heard about this organization, the reason can be its non-governmental status (some governments do not want to recognize its existence because it hinders their not-so-legal actions) or just lack of interest to the sphere of human rights protection. It is possible to say: "I am not interested in such issues at all, because it does not touch my life anyhow". However, I am sure that such a position is a demonstration of ignorance. Nobody chooses a place, time and social environment of own birth, and it is worth imagining what if you were not who you are but a person of not well-developed countries where human rights violation is a daily routine. A large number of people do not have freedom of speech and mass media, the government throws social activists into prison only for peaceful strikes, whereas conservative societies condemn people with non-traditional sexual orientation.

That is why everybody should know that such an organization as Amnesty International exists and that every of us can help and support victims of human rights violation in some way. "Amnesty was founded as the embodiment of universality open to all, concerned with all". (Hopgood, 2006) If you want to live in a peaceful world, free from abusers and violators, able to express yourself and have a guarantee of inalienable rights, you can start making steps right now, joining the mission of this organization. You can become a member or activist, taking part in street actions or doing some other kinds of work. In case you do not have time for such activities, you can join the team of volunteers or supporters, who can make a contribution by taking part only sometimes or at least sharing the AI news among friends and signing various petitions and letters to governments, created by AI. From my personal experience of supporting Amnesty, I know how it works, and you can also try. Every signature on the petition against a death penalty in Belarus or against false imprisonment of Pussy Riot in Russia meant a lot not only to victims but also to the whole global society, showing that nothing is impossible if we stand against injustice together.

If you still doubt about the effect of Amnesty's activity and think that your signature or word or coming to the particular AI event is just an invisible drop in the ocean, I would like to cite the words of the father of a political prisoner. "I have experienced the blessing of your appeal, for you have raised your voice in defence of my son...Amnesty International is a light in our time, particularly for those on whose eyes darkness has fallen, when the prison doors close behind them". (Power, 2001) If nobody believes in own power, nothing changes. However, everything is in our hands, and the only thing that we should do is believe and unite individual powers against crimes together. Amnesty International is an implementation of this unity, and I recommend you to take a look at their site at least before you say "no".

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