Obesity Health Pandemic

Obesity has been considered among one of the greatest health risks in the world as per current statistic. Globally, it has been recorded that almost two-thirds of the population is suffering from obesity. The weight problem is rapidly becoming uncontrolled with more health reports of obese patients being recorded every day. Moreover, the level of obesity among adults is increasing in the world, especially from the age of twenty-five and above. The abnormal accumulation of fat in the body has impaired the health of most people in the world. Nursing homes and hospitals have accounted for an increase in the number of adults being admitted due to incidents related to obesity. Evidently, obesity has been associated with health factors like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and musculoskeletal disorder, such as Osteoarthritis that affects victims’ joints. 


Obesity in the US Case Study

In the United States, the case of obesity has been prevalent among children and adults, as well. With the advancing lifestyle in the US, more cases of obesity-related health consequences are being recorded in nursing institutions and hospitals. In reference to the article by Camden, ‘Obesity an emerging concern for patients and nurses,’ the issue of obesity in the US is a health pandemic that is affecting the current generation causing health impediments for the development of the country. Further, Camden points out that obesity in the US has intensified over the past recorded years with the adoption of poor eating habits, the general lifestyle of Americans, and the general trend of innovation. Most people prefer eating imbalanced diet that constitutes of junk food with little body activities that eventually lead to obesity. The issue of overweight in the US has recorded about sixty seven percent among adults with an increase of 14.4 percent to 30.9 percent over the past five years. 

Case study of Obesity in China

China has also recorded an increased rate of obesity mostly among the younger generation. The level of obesity in the country is escalating relevant to the increasing trend of lifestyle in the country. An article by Deneen, Jie Tien and Liu, ‘Obesity in China: What are the causes’ describe the cause and effect of obesity in China is attributed to the culture and lifestyle of the people in the country. According to their research, obesity is more prevalent among children in China who grow into adults with obesity problems. The rate of health medical emergency related to obesity in China is related to hypertension, metabolic syndromes, and dyslipidemia.  

Obesity in China has been observed to be an alarming pandemic that has resulted precisely from the poor energy balance caused by the sedentary lifestyle of the Chinese, altered genes, and neurohormonal imbalance. China has been accused of novel dietary habits that promote the development of chronical diseases. Moreover, the work related activities contribute to the increased level of obesity in the country. Most people in the country have converted their leisure time into activities that increases obesity levels, such as watching of television and playing video games. Children in China are the most hit victim of obesity-related diseases in health care. 

Nursing Obesity Research Study in the Unites States of America

A study by Camden, “Obesity: An Emerging Concern for Patients and Nurses” elaborates on the issue of obesity among adults in the Unites States. The research study explains the condition and state of obesity in the US starting at about sixty two percent of the adult population to be affected by obesity and suffer obesity-related diseases. The body mass index BMI of most US adults has been recorded to be over thirty indicating a sign of obesity among the citizens of the US. Camden related the issue of obesity to the emotions, environment, and the genetic situations of people in the US. Most adults who have been associated with obesity have recorded high level of emotional distress that contributes to the increasing level of obesity. US adult populations that are associated with obesity have recorded poor health habits. In fact, they do not indulge in body activities, and most of their diet habits also lead to obesity. The American environment has also caused obesity due to innovations that the people are adapting. Imperatively, with the increase of technology innovation and various forms of food processing industry, obesity has been on the rise. In America, the number of fast foods outlets has increased, and the level of people consuming junk food that leads to obesity has also grown. 

Obesity has been identified to cause various health problems. From a cardiovascular point of view, obesity contributes to the increase of blood flow caused by the huge body mass and increased level of metabolism. Thus, the chances of an obese person suffering from a stroke at work have been prevalent among obese people in the US. Heart failure is a dominant health risk among US citizens, as well as musculoskeletal disorder, such as Osteoarthritis that affects victims’ joints. 

Nursing Obesity Research Study in China

Research conducted by Deneen, Wei, Tian and Liu on “Obesity in China: What are the Causes” describes the condition and state of obesity in China. Their study revolves around the people that are most affected by obesity in the country and provides the main causes of obesity among the population of China. Deneen et al., claim that the most affected victims of obesity are the children who grow up obese into their adult life. The number of obese children in China is more alarming than in other countries like the US. According to the research findings, twenty three percent of boys and sixteen percent of girls below the age of twenty in China are obese. Such percentages are alarming compared to other countries’ obese reports. 

A study by Deneen et al.established that most people in China become obese due to the poor eating habits that are experienced in the country, the sedentary lifestyle, and the genetic imbalance. Most Chinese children in the country are genetically born overweight, which increases with time as they grow to become obese. Another cause of obesity among Chinese people is the poor leisure practice that the people perform. Most of the free time is spent by Chinese people for watching television program and playing computer and video games affecting their physical activities. 

The effect and health consequences of diabetes in China are similar to those experienced in the US and other countries. The study by Deneen et al., cite that obesity causes health complication related to heart diseases among the Chinese. Moreover, mostly children are highly affected by strokes. Obese children suffer from poor health effects that pose a significant risk for overweight children. In addition, they are at a risk of developing cancer. 

Health Risk of Obesity in the US

The research study by Newman, “Obesity in Older Adult,” points out that obesity in the US in prevalent among senior citizens who indicate the most health risk associated with the disease. According to the research study, the environment and social issues are the main causing factors of obesity in the US. Most people living in America have developed poor habits of eating and living that contribute to the risk of being obese. Evidently, Newman states that the lifestyle of most US citizens revolves around trends of eating out rather than preparing food at home. From such activity, the US obese population is at risk of life-threatening diseases like diabetics, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and gallbladder diseases.

Obesity is known to lead to both health complication and psychological discomfort. In the United States, the health risks that are associated with obesity have been indicated to be very fatal and account for a huge number of deaths in health cares. Most incidents of heart stroke that are reported in health care are always linked to obesity cases. Most senior citizens are majorly at risk of cardiovascular disorders that are caused by obesity. 

The research by Newman helps identify the risks that the obese population in the US is exposed to. Moreover, thorough study of their habits may help other people become aware of the risk that can be caused by overweight and take precaution to avoid being victims of obese-related illnesses.

Medical Intervention in Controlling Obesity in the United States

In the study of Berkowitz and Borchard, “Advocating for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity: A call to Acton for Nurses” emphasis is placed on how to control the level of obesity among the American population. From their study, they provide various tips and procedures, as well as the advocacy measures that nurses in health care units and the government can take to minimize the rate of obesity in the United States. One of the essential steps towards reducing the level of obesity in the country is providing of education concerning the issue of obesity. Most people in the US lack the theoretical background on the risk of being overweight and on methods called to control the obese nature. Through advocating for mass education, it is possible to address the value of living a healthy life, eating a balanced diet to ensure decrease in obesity level in the country. Another step towards regulating the risk of obesity in the health care and the country is through enforcement of physical activities. It is more applicable to young children at schools. Through physical activities, most children in the US will be able to burn the extra calories in their bodies. Moreover, people at workplaces should be indulging in active exercises and events that will help ensure no accumulation of fats in the body that can lead to obesity. Berkowitz and Borchard, also support the issue of good eating habit to assist in reducing the rate of obesity in America. Despite the increase of fast food joints in the US, the advocacy for healthier eating habits should be adopted to help lessen the risk of obesity in the US. 

The study conducted by Bekowitz and Bortchard, provides a solution on how to control the risks that are associated with obesity in the Unites States. More so, they report on best strategic ways of controlling and managing obesity in the US, through advocating for the best way on how to indulge the people to a healthy lifestyle. 


Nurses have addresses the issue of obesity as a threat to the American population, there have record high risk of health emergency related to obesity such as strokes. The health condition among the obese in United States is inclining at a faster rate with most people affected being the small children. 

Both US and China record risk of obesity among their population, in China the younger generation is affected compared to adult. The claims attributed to the high rate of obesity among children in china have been identified as the embrace of new technology in leisure activity rather than active physical exercise. Most people indulge in poor eating habit and unbalance diet and a lot of television and computer games that contribute to increase obesity in United States and China. 

The issue of obesity in the US and the entire world has continued growing into a health pandemic that affects the current generation. Nevertheless, in modern societies around the world, people are becoming more effected by obesity, which makes it a global medical issue. Both children and adults can become victims of obesity. Due to poor eating lifestyle and negative social environment, the level of obesity continues growing all over the world.  

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