Future Job Possibilities

  1. Discussion of Skills

This experience was quite tremendous for me as I learned a lot and was frequently exposed to the situations that occurred for the very first time in my life and which required me to act. First of all, I had the opportunity to work as a paramedic under the pressure of emergency real life situation where every second matters. I provided the essential and first aid to the many victims of the fires. I helped the patients to resuscitate and stabilize their health conditions. I was assigned to use the different types of catheters as well as other high technological equipment including the defibrillators. I attended minor incidents, sudden illnesses and the injures of different kinds of seriousness. I understood that the occupation of a paramedic is quite stressful and burdensome as it is not always physically possible to save the life of the patients and sometimes they indeed die in front of you. Additionally, I realized the accountability that is carried by the paramedics and understood the importance of keeping myself in a good physical and health condition in order to be able to respond to the challenges and emergencies.


One of the insights I got concerned the talent. As could be seen from the internship, a talent is not enough for the success. On the other hand, a strong desire as well as the ability to control one’s emotions does not always ensure that the person will be successful. Thus, one should the patience to master certain skills. At the same time, we should remain socially positive and not lured by the bonuses of having a competence and being skillful at something. In other words, we should not ourselves better than others and to be arrogant because of that. 

  1. Training needed

The Park City Fire Services sets a number of the requirements that should be met by all employees involved in the operations of this organization. In order to be a suitable candidate for the entering position I should obtain the Utah Firefighter Level 1 Certification (if I am willing to work as a firefighter also). The driving license is also required and I should obtain it. Next, I should hold the Utah Basic Emergency Medical Technician Certification. To qualify, the applicants should also pass the writing tests, to be in a proper physical condition and complete the on-board interview with the assigned staff member.

  1. Brief evaluation and discussion

I am assured that this experience will help me a lot in finding my future job as I have tried my knowledge and abilities on practice. I have learned how to communicate with the authorities and how to as a one team. At the same time, I realized the scope of responsibilities that are assigned to the ordinary paramedics. This internship also enhanced my decision-making skills as I frequently had to pass them rather quickly in order to provide the treatment in a timely manner. I also defined the areas that need further improvements.

Considering all of this, I plan to continue my studies in order to gain solid academic and practical foundation. When I think of health care industry and its missions, it infuses me with optimism. As I come across various health-related problems I feel compelled to pursue an avenue whereby I can help resolve some of these problems as I expand my expertise and gain valuable skills. 

I intend to study more not only for the sake of a future career. I would like to be equipped with the needed knowledge and tool to make the world a better place for those who need medical assistance.  This kind of dedication I have inherited from my colleagues.

  1. Summarize your major responsibilities and projects

During this internship I performed a lot of functions. Among the others my responsibility was to respond to the calls from the patients, who needed medical assistance due to the incidents, emergencies etc. additionally, I assessed the condition of the patients who got injured randomly.   I applied the splints to the patients who suffered from open wounds, traumas. I also assisted in administering the pain relief, drips, oxygen. I frequently used the defibrillators in order to deal with the heart failures. Frequently I was assigned to monitor any changes in condition of the patients. In general, I was provided with the opportunity of assisting the doctors while they performed the primary surgical interventions.

Administration of agency or organization providing the internship

  1. Organizational chart

In general, the Park City Fire Services consists of eleven staff members. It is reported to support the organization of 78 career emergency responders. It also manages the local ambulance transport service that uses 20 local EMTs. The organizational chart is provided in the appendix.

  1. Funding

The organization is governed by the Administrative Control Board members. They are appointed by the Summit Council of the County. It partially funded by state and local budget.

  1. Job description

Firefighters – the individuals that actually fight with the fire and who help to stop it from spreading further

Coordinators – the ones who facilitate the work of the station

The paramedics – the ones who provide the first medical aid before the ambulance arrives 

The instructors – the ones who were responsible for the interns.

The key responsibilities of these job titles include:

  • the providing of the response to the emergency calls;
  • the health assistance for the victims of various disasters and emergencies;
  • the instructoring of the interns that have just joined the program;
  • the education of the community members that attend the courses that are offered at the organization;
  • the drafting of the strategy plans and new policies and campaigns for the employees to follow;
  • the coordination of the cooperation between different stations and the employees working there.
  1. In-service trainings

The Park City Fire District offers a lot of opportunities for studying. First of all, it provides the courses in Emergency Cardiac Care, First Aid and various courses that are usually offered by the American Heart Association. Its website provides the comprehensive data regarding the application process. Thus, the person who is willing to study can simply contact the Community CPR courses or the Community First Aid courses which are held on monthly basis. Additionally, the courses could be conducted for the community embers as well as business organizations.

The most interesting course involves the heart saving practices. It offers a chance to enhance and master one’s skills as well as maintain life of the patient during the most critical moments when he is just delivered to the emergency departments.

  1. Public relations and advertisement

As the Park City Fire Services do not aim at the promotion of its services the PR activities are not prioritized here. However, the information about is provided in a rather comprehensive manner at its official website. Among the others it covers the mission, goals, stations, services and employment opportunities that are provided by the organization in question. The activities of the Park City Fire Services are frequently highlighted by the local media resources and are covered by the newspapers and magazines. 

Additionally, this organization is rather famous among the general public and business entities as it offers educational services that might be of great benefit for the organizations which are actually concerned with the issues related to the safety and health of its employees.

Agency Programs and Services

  1. Purpose of the Agency

The Park City Fire service aims to improve the quality of lives of others especially those they serve. Additionally, they are willing to contribute to the creation of the safe and positive environment as well as economic basis for the community. 

The vision of the district is the committal to the progressive thinking, innovations and its core values. It claims and strives to be the leader in everything that concerns fire management. The core values of the organization include among the others the responsibility; accountability; empowerment; safety; compassion; professionalism; servicing; dedication etc. 

  1. Agency goals- what are the stated goals?

The Park City Fire Service does not divide its goals into either long-term or short-term. Instead it commits to join the movement aiming at the creation of the environment free from various hazards including the ones connected with the fire. Additionally, the organization aims at the participating in the projects that facilitate the establishment of a strong and stable basis for the economic development and well-being. They also commit to introduce positive changes into the society they are currently operating in.

The organization is currently implementing six initiatives that have less or more detailed goals. Thus, for example they are trying to provide ongoing two-way district communication with the community members; to maintain the compensation committee and the historical record of PCFD. Additionally, the Park City Fire Services aim to provide the appropriate rewarding schemes for the employees. The next objectives deal with the introduction of the officer development program as well as outside trainings for the personnel. Finally, the organization tries to insure station facilities meet the needs of the local habitants.

  1. Clientele served

The Park City Fire Services offers its services to the people who suffered from the fires or whose lives are endangered by the fire. It includes people of all ages, races, gender etc. It should be stressed also that the organization offers educational services for the community members as well as for the people coming from the business environment. 

  1. Types of programs offered 

Basically, the organization in question offers four educational programs.

The first in a row is called Heart Saver CPR|AED. This course is provided for the lay person who is in charge for responding. The students have the opportunity how to deal with the patients of any age that are in cardiac arrest. They are supposed to learn how to assist the patient with help of CPR and any other techniques that is considered to be appropriate for the case in question. The students are also taught how to apply the automated external defibrillator. The participants of the course are also offered to practice skills with help of educating videos. The evaluations of the skills learned as well as reflections are also supposed to be given. The participants of the course are not required to pass any final tests.

The Heart Saver First Aid is a course that is carried out for those who are interested in providing the treatment for the patients who are suffering from the conditions when their lives ae totally endangered. The first aid is to be provided for the person whose life is at danger before the ambulance arrives. Such moments can last longer and, therefore, the students would have to teach how to deal with different situations. This program could also be beneficial for the organizations that need to instruct their workers about the importance of following the rules concerning safety issues and to teach them how to address the disasters that occur on routine basis within the workplace. The Park City Fire Service specifically stresses that this program was developed on a so-called evidence-based approach that is frequently used by the American Heart Association when it creates the cardiovascular care courses.

The BLS Healthcare Provide Course is more practice-oriented. Its target audience consists of the healthcare professionals solely. It promises to teach them how to recognize the life-threatening signs of the patients’ health; provide CPR, relieve choking etc. It is stressed also that the course could be attended by the professionals, both licensed and non-licensed. The course is offered once in a year. However, the organization can provide it oftener if the demand will rise. It also provides the opportunity of on-line education of the practitioners who have no chances of studying at the facilities due to the lack of time or resources.

Heart Saver BLS Instructor Course. The course lasts for two days and aims to educate people on how to reduce disability as well as the incidents of death that are caused by the heart disease and stroke. The course instructors offer the students to learn how to activate the EMS systems, provide CPR and defibrillation.

  1. Effectiveness of programming

It seems that the programs are indeed impactful as they teach the average citizens as well as health care practitioners how to respond to the various challenges and emergencies. I consider that the people who finish these courses acquire valuable skills that would help them save the lives of people who become the victims of such emergencies. 


Assessing the activities of the organization, its mission, vision, strategic plans, organizational structure, it should be noted that Park City Fire Services could be considered as a quite successful project. As has been already stated, it basically commits to ensure the safe environment favorable for carrying out various economic and social initiatives.

The organization’s strengths include:

  • the committal to provide the best quality services and it seems that the members of this organization indeed follow this principle
  • they have a strong team-work spirit that helps to achieve more and to cope with the challenges using the skills and ideas of every member
  • the highly-qualified staff that is capable of educating the interns and provide them with all sorts of support and assistance
  • the personnel which is also enriched with the professional experience
  • the environment consisting of the people who have different backgrounds and who are still capable of finding the common ground
  • the programs offered by the organization
  • the preparedness to face the changes and the capability of adjusting to them
  • high level of equipment that is provided to the workers of this agency
  • the positive insurance policies from which the members of the agency as well as their families can benefit from.

The Park City Fire Services is not free of drawbacks which include the following:

  • the misunderstandings that occur between the staff members sometimes influence the process of providing help for those whose lives are at danger;
  • the agency needs to open more stations or either increase the staff in order to be prepared to address the risks that are connected to the fire;
  • the non-involvement of the personnel in decision-making process regarding the policies of the agency.


The Organizational Chart

organizational chart

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