Innovation of Portable Music Player

For any organization to realize a revenue growth the development of new products and services it must innovate. The Sony Walkman was invented almost 35 years ago; the initial Walkman was designed to work with only one cassette. Through innovation, Sony was able to produce a Walkman with double-cassette. The Walkman changed from cassettes to CDs and them to MP3, however, it failed to retain its share in the market.


What are the Downsides?

The downside of the Walkman is that; it lacks the most important features that are important in attracting the Generation Y. for instance it cannot download and play music on the internet. Most young people form the potential market for Walkman. Therefore, if it cannot provide the most trending features of downloading and playing online music, then it cannot satisfy the users. The adoption of this innovation can also face problems of inequality due to the difference in preferences of different generations. The innovation will only attract the young generation. However, the baby boomers may not have the interest to use Walkman.

Where is it going?

Sony should be more innovate to sustain the walkman in the market. For instance, they may include more features such as the Bluetooth. They can also replace the limited buttons by a "touch screens". Innovators can also consider adding a browser that enables the user to connect to the internet and play online music. This type of innovation will be increment as a lot is required for the Walkman to give the desired features for it to compete with other similar devices in the market. Therefore, Sony or any other innovator should take into account the possibility of competition from other devices that have all the proposed features such as tablets and phones. Despite these possible challenges, this is an innovation that that should be adopted. Since people are becoming more digitalized, the innovation will attract and satisfy the needs of many

The Three Scenarios

Scenario One

While in college, Mary was a fun loving girl, and she had a company of teen girls. Mostly these girls followed the actions that Mary undertook. She was the cheerleader of this group and every person in college including the lecturers knew her. One of her likes, especially during entertainment, was music where she used to listen to music a lot and involve her peers in listening to the new hits in the industry. She used a Sony Walkman to play music where she bought cassettes from the dealers who were very hard to get especially for the latest music and lyrics. There merged some other gadgets that had access to the internet and could download music. These gadgets gave Sony Walkman used by Mary high level of competition where many people especially the working class turned to these gadgets. “You only Live Ones” is a very good term that Sony would have used to rebrand and increase the competition. This term is very good for the people who love having fun and walking around the world as they receive different kinds of entertainment. As the early adopters of the statement combined with the new features of the Walkman, it will assist to sell and make an impact on the users. People like Mary will feel very proud in the midst of their friends, and they will also feel attracted to the style.

Scenario Two

Every person loves stress free life and loves being happy especially they are down and facing life challenges. Whenever they are low, people love clubbing and visiting different places in their locality and the world. These actions require high demonstrative slogans and gadgets that influence and makes the hike making actions enjoyable. In the road trips, travelers love speakers that produce very good music and are portable. Modifying Walkman in a way that they will accommodate the high definition speakers is very appropriate. They should have the capability of producing very good and soft sounds with high volume and different levels of an equalizer. As early adopters, Sony Company would have capture the “You Only Live Once” theme for the fun lovers and clubbing people. These actions will improve the competitive advantage of the Walkman Company and increase the sales of the company. People will forever like to have the close association with the Sony Company and use their products and Walkman for their daily needs and undertakings.

Scenario Three

When in campus, Noel loved changing his devices to the latest version. His slogan was ‘You Only Live Once' and he could save only to buy the latest electronics in the market. Before the introduction of smartphones, Noel used to love the Walkman, however, after the introduction of phones with the he stopped using the Walkman and used the phone to store and play music. Every person wants to go with the latest technology and use devices that provide most satisfaction.  The reasons as to why Noel stopped using the Walkman was that he can still walk around while listening to music by the use of a phone. Therefore, his phone played the role of a phone and that of a Walkman. He also preferred the phone because he could also download music, but that was not possible with the Walkman.  The scenario is a reflection of how Sony failed to keep up with technology and thus they were not able to give their customers the best.


There is a time that clients get tired of the same features of a particular product and yearn for change. They demand a lot of improvements in the current products to match the technology. Bluetooth, touch buttons and much more are some of the technology trends that the users demand. Browser features for a Walkman are also better innovations as there are the smart TVs and radios that are capable of connecting to the internet.

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