Applied Buyer Behavior

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Advertisements are important in influencing consumer behavior and facilitating purchase of products and services. Air France’s ad campaign “France is in the air” and that of easyJet, “How 20 years have flown,” have embraced various approaches that have been directed towards promoting increased sales. Through segmentation, the ad campaigns have been able to narrow down to consumers groups, to whom the advertisements have been directed. Perceptual mapping has also been used by the companies to develop an understanding of consumer needs in order to promote products and services that are directed as such needs and to address them through the ad campaigns. Consumer behavior is influenced by the type of message passed across through the ad campaigns as they address the needs and wants of the consumers. The marketing mix is an important tool in promoting products and services in the market. The product, price, and promotion are well addressed by easyJet in their ad campaign, but Air France Fails to address aspects of price and does not offer enough information on the product. Air France and easyJet both motivated their consumers through their product offerings and attributes. 



Advertisement forms an integral part of marketing in organizations as it allows for exposure of the consumer to the product and its information. Product information allows the consumers to make informed decisions when considering purchases. As such, there is need for organizations to be highly sensitive when selecting advertising options. Perceptual mapping should be used to establish consumer needs in order to allow for the narrowing of products and advertisements to such needs and promotion of sales. This paper is going to review the “France is in the air” ad campaign by Air France as compared to the ad “How 20 years have flown” by easyJet in terms of the effectiveness of the advertisements in reaching out to the consumers. The ad campaign “France is in the air” is a 45-minute video that featured in television and social media. I viewed the clip from the AdWeek website, where it featured as the ad of the day on March 5th 2015. On the other hand, the ad campaign “How 20 years have flown” is a one minute and one second clip that also featured on television in the UK and on social media including twitter. VCCP were the producers of the video.


Market segmentation is a marketing approach that involves aggregating potential customers into segments (groups) with common needs and those who will exhibit the same response towards a marketing strategy. As such, it is through market segmentation that different organizations are able to target specific customers who share in their perception of the value of an organization’s products but differ from a different segment. In segmentation, three general criteria are followed, including homogeneity, distinction, and reaction. Homogeneity refers to the common needs shared by consumers within the same segment, while distinction refers to the factors that make a group unique from other groups. On the other hand, reaction refers to a shared response among members of a group towards a product. For an advertising campaign to be effective, it is important for it to consider the various consumer categories that are targeted and initiate a campaign that is considerate of its potential customers’ needs and expectations. Air France’s latest advert, “France is in the air” is one of the advertisements that was designed keenly to highlight the company’s segmentation and to communicate a message to different consumer needs within the market. 

To start with, the campaigns focus on the French culture targets French travelers who have embraced their culture, a move that is aimed to place it further at the top of the French air industry. In addition, the women swinging from the cabin’s roof are of diverse cultures and races, an aspect that is meant to appeal to individuals from different cultural origins and to send the airlines non-discriminatory message. It is important to note that different individuals travel by air for various reasons, all of which define their needs as consumers. As such, through the flashing images of ballerinas, a photo shoot of high-fashion, the Tour de France, and young lovers among others, the ad campaign communicates its value of diverse consumers, who are travelling for various reasons. 

Air France Ad Campaign

Case in point, the consumer groups who are traveling for tourism purposes, those who enjoy entertainment while on board, those who enjoy good meals while on board, and celebrities among others are likely to positively respond to the advert as it highlights the airline’s concern for and effort towards meeting all their needs. The use of music by “Glass Candy” a pop group from LA is also aimed at inspiring young traveler, who easily connect with such pop culture. EasyJet’s ad campaign “How 20 years have flown” has also employed the basic as aspects of segmentation as it focuses on inspiring a new generation of fliers through success stories of those individuals  who have travelled in the past. The adverts features stories from different travelers from various European cultures and it thus aims at inviting consumers from such cultures, who are expected to be responsive to a story that suits them. In addition, through involving other stories such as those of lovers who met on the flight, the ad campaign targets at inspiring young travelers. 

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Applied Buyer Behavior

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