Literary Analysis Essay Samples

Sep 12, 2019

Analysis of Epistle 47 by Seneca

Epistle 47 by Seneca is a powerful statement about slavery and the way his peers were treating the slaves. The letter focuses on the harsh treatment slaves were receiving from their Roman masters. Seneca defends slaves saying that their souls are just like the souls of the free people; and therefore, he urges the Romans to treat slaves based on their personality and individual virtues instead of social standing. The work is extremely important because ... Details

Oct 8, 2019

Summary of the Mother Tongue Article

The article presents the theme of the language barrier effect in the society and the effect of surroundings on the language development. Language is also powerful because it can emit different kinds of emotions. Amy Tan in her article “Mother Tongue” suggests that the language can explain complex ideas, visual images, and various emotions. Tan is an Asian American, and English was her second language, which caused her both academic and social problems. She uses her mother as an ... Details

Oct 14, 2019

Short Story Essay on Charles by Shirley Jackson

Shirley Jackson is an American author who is famous for her wild imagination and odd stories that twist reality in the most unexpected ways. The short story “Charles” which Jackson wrote in 1948 is no exception. The narration presents no dramatic events and seems to reveal to its readers more than ordinary days of an average American family. However, the last few lines turn the story upside down and make the audience see the events anew from a strikingly different perspective. Such unexpected ... Details

Nov 11, 2019

The Female Thrive For Freedom

In the book Written by Herself edited by Jill Conway, we have four individuals who subjunctive compare in some sense and unfold their life histories through their own eyes. These Individuals are; Emma Mashinini, Vera Brittain, Carolina Maria de Jesus, and Vijaya Pandit. Casting in their shoes all have passed through a lot of experience in quest of freedom. Though their life is different, and in various parts of the world, they share almost similar experiences. Through their narration, we are brought to light ... Details

Nov 11, 2019

Promotion of Conflicts

Political outcomes follow social and religious visions of different nations. Both religion and politics have played a major role in human history since early times, helping people to establish and explain their relationship with the surrounding world. It predetermined the development of methods and institutions of social control, in which people sought safety and emotional satisfaction. To understand how religion and politics are connected with each other, it is necessary to find their common cultural ... Details

Jan 20, 2020

Bharati Mukherjee and Her Sister Mira

Two Ways to Belong highlights the story of Bharati and Mira, the two Indian sisters who moved to America to pursue their education. After securing their degrees, the sisters planned to go back to India to marry the grooms chosen by their father. Accordingly, they uphold similar social and political virtues whilehaving in plans to return to India, but everything changes once they get jobs and marry different individuals in America. It is worth understanding that Mira gets married to an Indian student and ... Details