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Poverty is one of the fundamental political matters that have existed in the American society since the founding days of the country in the late eighteenth century. The concept of poverty has gradually manifested itself socially, politically and economically within the American society. Although the structural degree or individual’s attributes that foster the growth and development of poverty vary from one case to another, it should be noted that the concept of poverty largely contributes to increased unemployment rates as well as homelessness within the American society.

Given this, the idea of poverty can be defined as the insufficient economic production of substances that does not satisfy or promote equity among individuals as well as a social order through the distribution of wealth. Further, it is important to note that poverty and homelessness are about due to extremely low income, adverse discrimination against particular service and products, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse as well as social disorganization. Although the concept of homelessness or poverty is not a new phenomenon in various societies across the world, significant public and political attention should be provided in designing and establishing consistent programs. The system will ensure general standardization of state-sponsored education systems, increased affordable housing facilities and the expansion of meaningful governmental social services that helps to improve the living standards of individuals. Through this the government can adequately foster a self-actualization process of individuals within the country, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.


The principal purpose of this article, therefore, it to provide a clear and detailed analysis and highlight how politicians poverty as an essential political campaign tool attract public confidence and trust, thus ensuring their undoubted election in government. For example, over the past few years since the occurrence of the large depression in America, some presidential aspirants and presidents such as President Barrack Obama have come out politically stable in creating hope and a sense of belonging among the country's different publics. For example in the recent past, the Obama administration has designed and established consistent programs that ensure the general standardization of state-sponsored education systems, increased affordable housing facilities and the expansion of meaningful governmental social services that helps to improve the living standards of individuals.

By doing this, the government has been able adequately to reduce cases of crime and criminal activities as well as foster an increase in the country's economic growth and development. However, it can be noted that the concept of poverty and homelessness is the leading course of both social and economic divide. The concept is mainly because the American government is increasingly becoming responsive to particular interest rather than public interest. This as result forces many people to become increasingly frustrated and disappointed in the country's political system. for example, presidential aspirant Donald Trump from the democratic republic of the united states has been out wooing voters with the promising of ensuring radical change as well as the restoration of America’s economic greatness. The issue is mainly within the industrial and business environment. By this, it can be clearly noted that the art of radical change does not ideally involve the views or participation of the poor or vulnerable population in the country.

As a result of this, the concept of democracy does not ideally exist within the American government. The reason is mainly that the American government has become less responsive to public interest and more immune to returning political favors, thus addressing the general benefit of the few within the American society. As a result fosters the growth and development of friction between the rich and the have-nots populations within the American society. Therefore, while many politicians in America openly ignore the existence of a democratic deficit within the country's political environment, some people continue to live in sheer poverty. Although one can honestly argue that the fundamental mission and vision of any government is to promote and not provide a general welfare.

The aspect can be due to increasing taxes to raise fund to ensure the provision of adequate support to the homeless population; it is important to understand that every individual regardless of their race, class, gender or social status is human and is protected by the constitution which openly advocates for equal rights and freedom. That is, the government is collective by every individual within the society. Therefore, by denying the homeless population free and fair access to essential products and services such as food, shelter, and clothing, it openly loses its sense of objectivity and balance in ensuring the safety and development of its citizens and the country as a whole. Through this, the public has gained a clear and detailed understanding that the American government has a few individuals who are out to satisfy their personal interests. This particular perception that the government is only working for the service of a few people has not only fueled increased public hostility towards politicians, government policies and the government as a whole.

It is, therefore, ideal to note that the exact nature of any society bases on the various modes to which it relates to its vulnerable population such as the homeless individuals. As this helps to enhance the global economic security of the country as well as attract more foreign investors to the country, thereby ensuring its general economic growth, development, and sustainability.

But while it is logical for one to consistently table blames on the unresponsive nature of public institutions, it remains a grave mistake for individuals to sit around waiting for political or government assistance at their doorstep. Therefore, the key fundamental illness fostering the public distrust of federal government instructions is mainly the unequal distribution of resources and services across the various populations within the American society. The act is because some people and organization with substantial financial resources and stability can enjoy a consistent amount of political influence and support from the government as opposed to the vulnerable population in the country. Through this, it is clearly evident that the unequal distribution of resources within the American society has not only contributed to a social and economic divide. It also creates private economic power that gradually undermines the relevant and working conditions of the country's political equality and sense of democracy.

In conclusion, this article has provided a clear demonstration that the concept of poverty or homelessness is one of the key underlining political issues affecting the American society. The aspect is due to politicians continue to use it as a tool to strengthen their political campaign.

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