Democracy in America

Democracy is a form of government in which the overall supreme powers vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free and fair electoral process. The American citizens pay little attention to the aspect of philosophy, yet according to research conducted; results indicate that they all think according to the same method whereby most people rely on the judgement and efforts for their day-to-day decisions. 


Thesis statement 

The paper focuses on Democracy in America which spearheads the rule of law thus guiding the American citizens. The paper describes the American constitution focusing on the strength and the weaknesses to the American citizens. It further describes American Federalism, which is the division of function and authority among and between the central or various state and national government. 


The paper describes the three branches of the United States government such as the Executive, the Judiciary and the Executive. Last but not least, it talks about the American political parties, Interest groups and how the elections are conducted. 

The American Constitution

The American constitution established the fundamental laws in the national government that guarantees the citizen’s rights such as right to life, education, and health. In September 1787, George Washington and other delegates to the Constitutional Convention presided over the signing of the constitution. Since the signing of the Constitution, there have been key amendments, totalling to 27 constitutional changes. The Constitution has been instrumental in the key developments witnessed in America such as economic development. In the current world, American is one of the countries with a strong economy and a regulated population. 


It is evident that American constitution guides and helps its citizens through adaptation of the different life aspects. In essence, the constitution formulates the principal laws in the United States. It is empowered by the citizen’s independent authority by the consent, and the legislative framers of the states, which is the main basis of the government’s authorities and thus providing significant limitations to the government control that is authorised to protect the important rights of the American citizens. The necessity for a constitution emerged out as a results of the prevailing hitches related to the Confederation Articles that established a firm and friendly association of relationship between the conferred power in a congress and the states Confederation. The power is considered limited whereby the principal government steered diplomacy, set measures, made war, and acted as the final mediator of state disputes. The significance or importance of the Constitution as conscripted by the Convention is to form a formal government tasked with adequate power to act at the national level.  


One main disadvantage of the United State constitution is violation by the government officials starting from the highest office to the lowest office. Government officials in the United States tend to violet the constitution by imposing powers which are not outlined in the constitution. The Judicial system does not follow the constitution, which is a branch of the government. The president ends up making decisions that are not enlisted in the constitution thus leading to the diminishing of the constitution. 

In order to maintain the constitution, the United States government is mandated to maintain the constitution and avoid violating it by obeying the rule of law. It is recommended that each and every individual should strive to maintain the constitution and whoever violates it should face the law through the judiciary systems such as courts.


Federalism refers to the division of function and authority among and between the central or national government and the various state governments. The overall idea of constitutional power limitations, of both the existing vertical and horizontal divisions of power, and of the representative’s nature of a national government that is strong enough to perform specified tasked. Federalism in the American context tries to convey several aspects related to the local, individual and regional diversity, which is widely varied and yet it’s capable of attaining a concurrent national unity. 


The United State has several policies such as the foreign policy bureaucracy which is pictured as possessing different issues such as security, diplomacy, intelligence and economic affairs.  The policy is highly decentralised and fragmented thus making it useful to the citizens. It is Important for one to understand the entire foreign policy process by looking at the entire agencies and structures in the federal system.

In fact, the American Federalism has in the recent past undergone key changes in the various aspects. The federalism structures is one of the notable changes. The structures allow separation of political authority into horizontal and vertical aspects, which was not the case in the prior years. The most speculated benefit of Federalism in America has rested in the ability to keep on avoiding the dangers that is inherent in government by a remote control. According to the structures of federalism, local and state matters remain under the governance of the localities. At the local level, the citizens have the ability and interest to solve their own issues without the support of the national government. In this regard, federalism allows the locals to have freedom and power to manage their affairs. The main flaw in Federalism in America is its vulnerability to monopolization in difficult times and crisis times which is much evident. However, federalism as applied by America has continued immensely positive after receiving recommendations from the citizens. Through adopting the possible arrangements that are negative towards the government power, the Republican of America has encouraged and permitted its people to affirmatively act in their own importance. 


The main disadvantage of the foreign policy bureaucracy which is implemented by the policy bureaucracy agency is the failure to effectively balance the forces that tends to militate in favour of decentralization and centralization of the foreign making policy. According to research carried out, most people have no understanding that when they first attempted the political plan, it appeared extraordinary. 


Although the federal system of government in America seems to strike a perfect balance of power between the local needs and the national needs, federations still possess internal power struggles. The conflicts between the state and national governments in policy making are common. In the case of America, the genuine argument of federal verses state power happens to be a major factor that led to persistent civil wars.

Branches of Government

The American constitution divides the federal government into three main branches of government do as to ensure a central government in which no group or individual gains too much control or apply too much power. The three main government branches include: The legislative, the executive, and the judiciary. Each arm of the government has major roles which contribute to the operation of the country. The legislature is responsible for law making, the executive implements the set laws, while the judiciary appraises the laws. 


The Executive branch of government is made up of the President, the vice president, the cabinet, commissions and committees. American citizens play a vital role in voting for the president and the vice president through a fare and free elections, which is conducted with an independent electoral commission. 

The executive branch of the American government carries out several key roles which include: The president being the leader of the country, he/she heads the states, leads the federal government and commands the Armed Forces of the United State, he/she serves a four-year term, and can be re-elected only once, the vice President supports the president and if the president fails to serve, the vice president takes over his/her roles, and can always serve as many four-year terms as possible, the cabinet members advice the president, and the comprises of the vice president and the executive departmental heads. Members of the cabinet are nominated by the president with the approval of the Senate, with not less than 51 votes.


Am main disadvantage of the executive branch of government is that the Americans possess few parties and candidates to choose from during an election, and many of their political ideologies such as social democracy, class liberalism which are common in today’s politics are always completely been ignored. 


It is the duty of the executive to implement laws of the nation thus the president should be in charge of heading the executive and ensure laws are well implemented.

Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Elections

A political party is considered as a group of office holders, activists, candidates, and voters who in turn identify with a group label and seek to elect an individual to a public office who will in turn run that label. The American government is made up two major political parties which include: The Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Interest groups and political parties in America often run campaigns independently of their various candidates where by the candidates efforts can begin long before and last long after a successful election season. 

Positive impact 

The main goal of electing public officials in America is what tends to unite the political parties and further distinguishes them from other reverent groups.  Both the Republican and Democratic political parties in America strive to achieve the same electoral end. Political parties in America tends to promote a good democratic government and further facilitate citizenship by articulating and aggregating the interests of politicians and the citizens though organizing coalitions of much smaller interest groups. For over 130 years, the two party systems in America have been used to resolve and organize social and political conflicts. 

They are tasked with the responsibility of converting a huge array of ideas and opinions of all the voters into a much more comprehensible pair of ideals. On the other hand, the political parties promote democratic government by assisting elections through coordinating the entire legislative process and finally the parties the overall collective political actions. Political parties in America play a central and active role during campaigns through organizing party elections which has a positive impact on both the public and the candidates. 

Negative impact 

Political parties tend to govern their own interests away from the public interest. In various occasions, the party leaders are forced to choose between what will be best for the political parties and what is best for the public.


The American political parties should take into consideration the stipulated rules of any election as well as the economic and political realities that the campaign must function. Rules are needed on campaign finance and concerning the primary elections on how parties can get their own favourite candidate. Further, the parties nominate their won candidates and participate in raising funds for the campaigns.  The negative impact of political parties in America according to observers is that the parties have become more unified in the existing government in the last 30 years and the ability to exert a better control of the entire legislative process.


The U.S is considered a democratic country since the institution of the constitution. The constitution is mandated with the responsibility of empowering the citizen’s independent authority by the agreement, and the legislative framers of the existing states, which is the main basis of the entire administration powers and thus providing key limitations to the national government, which is tasked with the role of protecting the essential rights of the American citizens. In addition to this, federalism in the American context tries to convey sense for the local, individual and regional diversity, which is widely varied and yet it’s skilled to realizing national unity. It is of great importance to maintain a democratic nation where each and every individual is tasked with the responsibility of observing the rule of law. America has greatly improved since the establishment of the constitution followed by the amendments of several clauses. 

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