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The history can represent you numerous worthy names. The era in US history between European settlement and reconstruction is not an exception. This research paper touches such great individuals of this era as Abraham Lincoln, Henry David Thoreau and Charles Grandison Finney. These three authorities are totally different in their destinies and spheres of activity. The major thing that can probably unite them is that all of them have made a weighty contribution in the sphere of their activity. In addition each of these personality deserves the attention in case all of them were unique those times and even now after a long period of time.


Abraham Lincoln

The sixteenth president of the US had a great experience to have his presidential period during the Civil War from 1861 till 1865. Abraham Lincoln is still one of the central figures in a consciousness of the American people. Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th of February in 1809in Kentucky. His parents were poor farmers and all wellbeing depended on their piece of land. That is why Abraham Lincoln got accustomed to work hard. His brother Tomas, sister Nancy and he used to help parents in hunting and cultivate the ground. Further life of family appeared not easier at all. Many leavings and seeking for better life did not carry any success. Moreover the lack of medicine and physical load took away mother and sister. His brother has died in the early age either. Some time later his father got married again. His father was fully against the slavery. May be thats why Abrahams attitude was similar. Like his father he was ethically a simple worker who used to pass through such a hard work.

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In fact Abraham Lincoln has visited school only for one year. One of the first books he has read was the Holy Bible. In his speeches he demonstrated his great knowledge of the sacred Scriptures. He was capable to select the quotes from the Bible just to the point of the current events. Lincolns presidential experience was one of the hardest. Despite this he never gave up. All his deeds were aimed to save the principles of the Declaration of Independence. However the period of the Civil War was the unhidden confrontation of two societies. From the view of culture the South was under the influence of the past. But the south society was ready to unite in order to secure their traditions. Slavery was not the main reason for war. There were others numerous problems that could not be solved by any compromises or controlled by the constitution. The only way to go through all of this was the Civil War. During the period of the discussion between North and South Lincoln stayed kind and fair to his opponents. His worthy individual features of character made him create well organized government. In the same time he was a person who made a final solution only according to his thoughts. Also he suffered from the lack of the military experience. In the period of the Civil War he achieved all his blind spots and learned how to evaluate strategic conditions. Abrahams Lincoln speech in 1863 Gettysburg message to tyrants deserve a special attention. Meanwhile the process of creating a speech was more than specific. Lincoln wrote numbers of variant but finally we have well known " Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that "all men are created. In his massage Lincoln introduced all his sad experience about sense of the war. The buried soldiers interpreted the meaning of this war. He shared his idea with only 10 sentences. These sentences were brilliant and based on the democratic values. Lincoln is outstanding because he once more underlined that the US should answer for the democracy and the generality of Civil Wars victims. Symbolically he extend a hand to establish peace. Abraham Lincoln understood and loved the US. One more outstanding personality in the US history is Henry David Thoreau, the American writer, naturalist and thinker. He was born in 1817 in Massachusetts. There were French, English and Scottish roots in his family. From the early childhood he was inoculated love to the nature. Henry David Thoreau was person that apprehended ideas of the transcendentalism. He criticized the civilized world and suggested the idea to return to the basics of nature. That is why from 1845 to 1847 Thoreau lived in a house near the pond. This small flat he built by himself. It was a real experiment of isolation. Later he described it in his book Walden; or, Life in the Woods I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived Henry David Thoreau was a sociably active person. He was against the war against Mexico. To promote his idea he ostentatiously has ceased to pay taxes. For a short term he was put into prison for that. Being a supporter of the abolitionism Thoreau stood for the rights of black part of the population. He was a bit radical in this case but he proposed peaceful resistance to the societys segregation. In addition Thoreau was a defender of he nature and was one of the first who agreed with the theory of Darwin. The most interesting thing about this writer is that from his early teenage to summarize all the acknowledgment he got. Further when he became a teacher his lectures were exciting and informative. His ideas were strongly influenced by Protestantism. In the same time he was not religious and did not visit any churches. Thoreau saw God as an absolute beauty, wise and morality. He said that there should be any envoy between human and absolute. These ideas were not really widespread in the society he lived in. Henry Thoreau came into history as one of the most outstanding representatives of the American culture. His Walden is classical literature. It is a story of the slow and complicated growing of the individual and personality without contacting the society. Talking about religion we should certainly mention Charles Grandison Finney. He was born in 1792 in Connecticut. His father was a farmer and there were no any christian moods in his life. There was nobody in his family to pray to God. In his childhood Charlie has never heard any appeals to God. Being a child he never read Bible. He only bought it when he was 29 years old. On those times he has already heard sermon of Gospel for only several times. Charles planned to be an advocate and studied law. During his study he met references on the Bible laws. He stared to visit churches and read Bible more often. The thing was that he did not get any Bible education in his childhood and wondered wether he once could believe in God. While reading he discovered that his mind and soul became full proud. So in 1821 he turned to God through the independent learning of the Holy Bible. Than he proposed a specific type of meetings where citizens were able to ask and get answers. Such meetings were specific because those times the Calvinism made people to wait for God in a passive way. They wait for God to pay any attention on their problems. Finney described the appeal to God as it is something that is born by the human will and available for everyone. That is why he made some kind of revolutionary changes for times when people gave up their active deeds in the sphere of religion.

When Charles Finney was an advocate he had learned one thing clearly. He knew that he has to interpret everything very clearly to the auditorium, with using a simple and understandable language. He knew the Holy Bible in a perfect way but made it easy for people through his interpretations. In the sane time his speeches did not loose the necessary sense that God is waiting for human confessions. He has never written his speeches on the paper. He was guided by his heart and always knew what he need to say in order to make people believe. Anywhere he came he woke up the strong belief in God and read Bible accurately. All of authorities mentioned played a great role in history. All of them were revolutionary in their specific way. But there are many similar basic features among them. Three of them were good in creating a persuasive speech. All of them underlined that all people are equal in their nature. Three of them promoted the idea of belief in our selves and in God. They did in the specific ways that was inherent for the definite individual. But all of them were aimed to unite the society and to make us reveal in a worthy way.

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