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Every human is a sexual being, and it may seem that the course of human sexuality can hardly provide some useful information to the modern people. However, it is not true. Even though sexuality can be considered as intimate and personal issues, the history and culture of various countries prove that sexuality is interconnected with social life and is strongly imposed with a number of rules and stereotypes. Even though human sexuality is an intimate aspect of life, it often becomes a subject of legal consideration to allow or forbid some mode of behavior not only in the society, but even at one’s own home. The current paper is aimed to focus not only on how the human sexuality course can provide efficient knowledge about various cultural, legal, moral or physiological aspects of sexuality, but also show the effective real life examples of strong interconnection between sexuality and social demands.

One can hardly think that love has something to deal with social demands of a person. It can more likely be associated with the feeling of a person or some particular chemicals’ activity in human brains. However, the documentary film “The Loving Story” reveals the interesting aspects of how the law and the attitudes of people can be directed on a loving couple to ruing the relations. The movie reveals that the sexuality and the feelings of people cannot be analyzed in isolation. For those, who live in the society, love is not just a feeling and interpersonal relations, but also the consequent formation of a social institution called a family. However, the law usually regulates such social expression of human sexuality as marriage. Hence, “The Loving Story” reveals the difference between the biological aspects of sexuality, which are not influenced by race, ethnicity and stereotypes and the legal ones, which did not accept the union due to strong racial prejudices in the American society during the Civil Rights era. The film is based on the life story of Richard and Mildred Loving and shows opposition between the human sexuality and American society of 1958. As the couple got married regardless Virginia's anti-miscegenation, the movie represents that the laws related to human sexuality can be ridiculous as they actually become an obstacle for the natural affection of people and their desire to lead a calm family life. In addition, one can also regard the movie as the example of how the revolt against the laws can appear.


In many cases, what separates spices from one another are social issues instead of physical ones. Such idea is also emphasized in another movie called “Evolution- Why Sex?”. The film reveals the role of the biological factors such as sex and genes as those that drive behavior and evolution of spices. On the example of human’s behavior presented in contrast to the animals’ one, the audience gets to know the reasons that have predetermine sex as the best way of reproduction. Even though the nature examples show that it is possible to exclude males from the process of giving birth to the new generation, cloning is a worse alternative to reproduction. Sex offers a number of advantages as far as it helps to struggle various challenges and ensures diversity creation. The evolutionary perspective of sexual selection among people is also interesting as it explains a number of phenomena including the war between sexes, the routes of beauty understanding and other issues. According to “Evolution- Why Sex?”, facial and body features and behavior are attractive or not because they reflect some peculiar information. Ultimately, the film is quite appropriate for those, who want to understand the sex and human behavior more deeply, as it provides a number of explanations of cultural and biological displays of affection.  

The birth rates throughout the counties are the main issues represented in the movie “World in the Balance”. What is interesting, it represents the issue of demographics from different aspects. Among such, India, USA and Japan show absolutely different situations. Sex selective abortion is a serious problem for India. The level of gender discrimination in the country, the underlying economic and cultural reasons for that are revealed. At the same time, the demographic situation in Japan is different and the birth rates decrease considerably. Instead of the natural factors, the economic development and social rules lead to the existing situation. Consequently, a number of problems appear and the lack of working population is very likely to lead to the future decline of the country. In such a way, one can see how the demographics influenced by human sexuality and the economic situation in the country reflect strong connection between the biological and social aspects.

Another film entitled “Overruled! The Case that Brought Down Sodomy Laws” reveals a widely discussed problem of homosexuality and equal rights for people without revealing the sexual preferences of a person. The case discussed in the film shows that sodomy laws in Texas were absolutely inappropriate for the civilized world, where each person is entitled to have a right for private life, especially in his or her own house. However, it is obvious that people predetermine some rules and norms that are even related to the sexuality and the partner choice. As a result, there appear a number of evidences that the rules about the sexual choices and preferences are mostly ineffective. Hence, the case of Lawrence and Garner has showed that the democratic community cannot be ruled by the laws that discriminate people because of their sexual preferences.

However, it is obvious that gender discrimination exists worldwide. In addition to the example of India and selective abortion represented in Holt’s “World in the Balance”, one should refer to the sexual coercion issues revealed in Frontline documentary “Outlawed in Pakistan”. The movie is good choice for the Human sexuality course because it refers to the timely issues of the Arabic worlds and show the reasons why the means need to be implemented in a very convincing manner. Kainat Soomro’s story reveals the cruelty of the Arabic traditions and the importance of the social rules. According to the situation represented in the film, one can conclude that the human life is less valuable than the norms existing in the Pakistani system.

In the Western society, the attitude to human life is different. The documentary “The Last Abortion Clinic” shows that the American activists highly value human life and choose the civilized methods to support their credential and argue the existing law. Even though some previous methods could be barbarian and lead to bombing the clinics and killing the doctors, who make abortions, the Mississippi activists who achieved the aim and closed the last abortion clinic were ruled mostly by the civilized protest methods. Anyway, even though the methods may differ and people may value or neglect human lives and rights, it is obvious that physiological desires or needs of people are often restricted by social and legal rules.

To sum it up, one can see that all documentaries discussed above can be unified by one common feature. All of them emphasize the role of the society in shaping human sexuality. All people poses the biologically predetermined necessity to find mate and have children. Even though there are the examples of cloning and single-sex breeding, sex is the way of reproduction that provides the possibility to struggle various challenges and ensures diversity. A number of ideas including the influence of the law of human physical desires, evolution influence on sexual preferences, considerable role of sexuality in shaping the inequality and demographical peculiarities throughout the countries are crucial to understand the roles of sexes and genders in the society. Consequently, all of the above-mentioned videos contribute to a deeper understanding of strong interconnection of biological and social in people. Both aspects developed side-by-side in the past and are essential for the future development of humanity.

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