B Movies Never Die

In the past, B movie referred to low budget films that came second to A movies. This did not mean that these films were low quality. However, they targeted low-rent exhibitors and specific audience than the A films and therefore generated lower profits. As competition arose and as laws in this area became strict, major studios were unable to process these films and they almost became extinct or were almost forgotten. Although these changes caused economic changes that led to less exploitation of the B movies especially in their classical form, we can still see many of qualities of B-movies in modern narrative and investigational film, even in some big-budget films. One of the best modern films that can use some of the B movies qualities is The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino. A review of this film help in identifying some of these characteristics of B films that are used in this film.

The Hateful Eight is set in the period after the Civil War. The film includes different characters such as John Ruth, who is a reward hunter. His captures is brought in live and his prisoner this time is Daisy Domergue. Another character introduced in this film is Major Marquis Warren, who explained as a soldier who once worked for the Union and he is also a bounty hunter. Another character is Chris Mannix who plays the role of Red Rock’s self-proclaimed sheriff of Red Rock. After some ride in the stagecoach, all these characters stop in the mountains, which are full of snow, which acts as a major scene for this movie. The other four of the eight hateful characters are located in this area and these include the hangman who is known as Oswaldo Mobray. The other one is Joe Gage who is explained as a cow puncher and Bob, who plays the role of a caretaker. Sandy Smithers is also another character who was also in the Civil War and is explained as having been a general in the army. Ruth, the bounty hunter seems not to trust any of all these characters since he thinks that they are interested in breaking free his prisoner. In the process, the snowstorm gets serious and this forces them to shut the door using nails. In this room, we learn that each of these characters keep certain personal secrets that when revealed, some can cause their death.


In fact, the film ends up with some of them dead after a shootout with one another. For example, Mobray dies after being shot by Warren who also shoots Daisy on her. Gage also died after being shot by both Warren and Mannix.

One of the B movie’s ideas utilized in this film is that it is set in a period when B movies were still fresh in people’s mind. In fact, the film is explained by some reviewers as being dressed in classic attire. The film also uses an old camera to shoot the scene thus remaining true to the fact that it is a classic film in a modern era. The type of camera used in this case an Ultra Panavision 70, which is explained by reviewers as last used during the 70s and the 60s. This is complemented by the set location, which is in a shed away from other people. This format is explained by some as having been forgotten. The use of the camera also meant that some of the cinema chains especially in the UK would not be able to screen the movie. Again this helps in reminding about the B films, which could only be screened in separate studios from the A films because of the difference of audience and the associated costs. The song used in this film is also old and suits this genre.

The film mostly uses dialogue, which is the case with B films. The talks in this film seem endless and also seem to tell stories about the characters. Stories are not only to enlighten and deceive the characters, but are also used in making them angry. Some of the characters tell stories to survive in the hostile environment among some of these characters. Stories spark violence and lead some of the characters towards their end.

As explained in the introduction, most B films were cheap and also generated lower profits. This characteristic is evident in this film because of the location and the cast since they are arranged to provide the cheapest form of entertainment without using a lot of money during casting. The story provided in this film is straightforward and many locations have not been included like in most contemporary films. However, the film manages to entertain and inform viewers.

The film also build on the entertaining capability of most B films in the past. Despite the lowest amount of resources, B films were entertaining and loved by many. Although the speech and narration provided in this film is nasty, it entertains and keeps viewers glued on their screen until the end of the film.

Another notable characteristic of B films utilized in this film is the fact that most of these films favored the masculine audience more. This is the case based on the gender difference in this film. Men have been abundantly represented and the world seem to be more of a men’s world than it is a woman’s world. In fact, the only woman in this film seem to be under men’s rule. Although she plays her role well as a strong woman, she is not aware of her crimes. She also helps in entertaining the cast and viewers in the process and this shows that despite her under presentation and despite the fact that this is for the masculine audience, women can play a huge role.

In his argument about the B movie and the filmmaker’s use of this classic style, Kirk argues that the film scope is stunning mostly because of the depth that is captured by the filmmaker using the old camera. This is because he is able to shoot a large distance using this camera. Kirk argues that the film is a technical success and that the film is a fine B movie. Kirk also explained that through this ability, the filmmaker has managed to retrace a lost method of filmmaking that was important to most Americans. He also argues that the only difference with this film and others in the past is that the filmmaker has a century long technological advancement and he does not disappoint. He manages to entertain with the little he has. He also manages to bring out different personalities of the different characters in this film.

In his reviews about the style and the use of B films, Brody argues that the film reflects the filmmaker’s devolution. This is because his career has been built on his worship of earlier filmmakers such as Sergio Leone, Martin Scorsese and Godard who were known for their B films. Through his skills, Torantino manages to make the film more like a dram instead of the arrangement of the symbolic elements. In addition, he manages to mount deception and also manages to reveal different truths about hatred and violence. Brody argues that through this capability, Torantino communicates that the Civil War remains a wound in the American history that is still unhealed. He also masterfully communicates that racial violence together with sexual insinuations are still in hidden in the contemporary American society and that laws that should govern this have little help to some individuals. This is mostly because of racism, which explained as one of the enduring characteristics of this nation. Brody explains that Torantino’s approach to this issue is brilliant since he approaches the subject in a naïve, frivolous and playful way but still manages to present his theme.

In conclusion, B movies existed and were characterized by low budgets and low profits, which did not mean that the films were of low quality. These type of movies are thought to have died a long time ago after changes in laws and high costs led most companies to abandon the idea of making such celebrated movie. Although this is the case and although most people think that such films died, the fact is that some exploitation of some of these film’s characteristics can be seen in modern films. A good example is The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino, which uses different aspects of B films. Some of these include utilizing a classic theme, using an old camera and using long dialogue in the film. The film also seems to focus its attention to the masculine audience and entertain without having to utilize a lot of casts and budget.

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