Anthropology-film review Free Love

Free love is a film that explains about the practice of the Moswel community living at the foot of the Himalayas hills in South West China. Due to their unusual social practices, this community has been accused of practicing ‘free love. In this community people do not formalize their marriages and they are allowed to have many sexual partners simultaneously. The film is based on one young man's real experiences of how he courts a woman and the two are united together in an informal marriage which is also referred to as a walking marriage. After their first child is born, the man and woman are free to look for other partners although their maintain their first family.

Jiba the main character in the film practices free love just like all other members of his community. He casually admires and courts a woman and during the same night she invites him to her bedroom. Culture is well preserved and followed in this community. Jiba has to bring gifts to the mother of his lover so that she can bless their reunion. It is also clear that society values such as respect and support are also important to the Moswel community. Jiba has to contribute to his family's welfare by helping with the family chores. He like all other young men only get a chance to socialize with girls during the community gathering. There are strict rules of love that are adhered to.  He also respects his elders as he allows his elder brother to talk on his behalf when asking for his bride’s hand in marriage. The family unit and is also very important to this community.This community practices many virtues such as unity, respect and responsibility. Each adult individual is allowed to have more than one partner.


Kakadu Park

This film is set in the Kakadu Park in Australia. The park is serene with thick vegetation, long savanna grass and rocky landscape. However, the conditions are not conducive for a human being as there are wild animals and dangerous insects loitering freely. This film is a self-narrative by Bessie Coleman who is a bush baby. Bush people like Coleman are not afraid of wild animals are they are born and raised in the bush.

The Gagadu community is a nature loving community has been known to live in the forests and they interact freely with the wild animals. Landscape, dreamtime and rock art is exists alongside nature without interference. The landscape is a bit hilly with trees and elements such as flower scents, winds and flow of rivers being in their original form as nature intended. This is because the Gagadju people do not interfere with natural phenomena. Dreamtime is the experience of the living interacting with the dead. Coleman invites everyone to visit the park and experience what the ancestors and the clan of Gagadju have experienced at the Kakadu Park. Rock art is the inscription that has been done on rocks. This was a historical ritual that was done by the Gagadju people as a way of attempting to presearve the spirits of the dead so that their presence can continue to be felt by the living.

This film shows the closeness and co-existence between the human communities with nature. They interact with wild animals freely and help to conserve the indigenous vegetation. They have strong attachments to the earth as they burry their new born in the earth as a way of introducing them to mother-nature for blessings. Coleman no longer lives in the forest and only gets to visit the park and she has adopted the modern ways of living. This is a positive effect of civilization and education.

Australian Aborigines

This film is a narrated story by Matt Rohling who traces the history of the Australian Aborigines. They are said to be the first people to occupy Australian and when they migrated from Asia. This community lived in the bushes in harmony with nature. Aborigines maintained closed units of families that lived together and carried out their activities together. They had mechanisms of maintaining peace and justice and sometimes fight broke out between disagreeing members.

They also divided the land whereby each family was allocated a place to carry-out their hunting and gathering activities. These activities were divided into roles and allocated to members who worked together as a team. Virtues such as respect and peace were regarded by members. For example, they would make signals when approaching one another's territory to avoid fights. They also had their own laws governing the conduct of all the members. Such rules regulated issues surrounding land, family and marriage. They had a strong attachment to the earth as they believed that it not only gave life but it was life itself. They fought the Japanese fiercely to keep them off their land of Australia. This community has lost most of its cultural values as they have been assimilated into other communities

They also have difficulty in adapting to civilization. They still live in remote areas in the forests and dessert places in the dessert and forest as new immigrants taking over the coastal areas that were once occupied by the Aborigines. Despite the free rights to vote, the Aborigine community hardly does so. Many of them are struggling with alcoholism. This is a case of mixed fortunes brought about by civilizations. They do not adapt education and voting rights yet they have adapted to drinking to the point of being alcohol addicts.


There are many positive and negative traditional practices that various communities have adapted or dropped. There are also several positive or negative ones that many have acquired from modernization and civilization. In the film Free love, it can be seen that the Moswel community in China have maintained positive practices such as unity and close family units. However, they still practice the outdated customs of having many partners which could have health and economic challenges. The Kakadu community in Australia has adopted education and by combining it with their natural love for nature, they are able to promote and preserve their natural sites more. The Australian Aborigines have lost most of their culture and have taken to drinking and disregarding education hence leading to their alienation.

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