Culture Essay Samples

Jun 7, 2019

Concept of Justice, Harmony, and Virtue

Governance entails several things. The people appointed in office may not necessarily be the only ones making critical decisions in the running of the government. In fact, there are situations where those never appointed matter but the forces behind them. Some factors help in running the affairs of the country. They include justice, harmony, and virtue. These traits are necessary for enabling a working environment for growth. Consequently, the utmost practice of justice, harmony, and virtue guarantees ... Details

Jul 9, 2019

Identity and Ethics

The primary objective of this essay is to evaluate the identity and ethics of pastoral counseling. The overview of the process provides an understanding of how it is conducted. In order to be an exceptional pastoral counselor, one is required to possess certain characteristics. Such characteristics include ability to emulate Christ, wisdom and of course have academic qualifications in the field of counseling. The field of pastoral counseling is supported by a number of professional bodies. These bodies ... Details

Jul 9, 2019

Impact of Violent Media on Teenagers: Should the Modern Community Sound Alarm?

Mass media makes a dramatic effect on the modern culture and the daily routine. Teenagers face violence displayed in television, video games, mobile phones, and on the Internet. Experts, journalists, and policy-makers hold brisk debates discussing the impact of violent media on people and on teenagers, in particular. On the subject of the impact of violent media on teenagers, many specialists, such as Eugene Beresin, Miriam Baron, and Craig Anderson, argue that this phenomenon represents ... Details

Aug 9, 2019

Paintings of Kelly Detweiler

Kelly Detweiler is a painter who invented a wide-eyed cast of characters to occupy his loving but satirical painting. Moreover, he worked with anthropomorphized and shaggy cast of animals who play suggestive roles of instinctive as well as fierce inner natures. In his painting, human and animals coexist in mythological situations since his artist ideas blossom from him unconsciously. Detwiler is an alert, spiritual as well as earnest artist just like the actors and actress who are put through ... Details

Aug 9, 2019


Anthropology refers to the scientific study that relates to the origin, behavior and development of human beings. Anthropologists study to understand more about man and his physical, social and cultural development. Anthropologists gather information dealing with different cultures in order to understand how culture has affected man and his lifestyle. There are different theories and school of thought concerning culture and its mode of operation. Cultural anthropologists study the past and present cultures in order to ... Details

Aug 13, 2019

Influence of Functionalism in Modern Architecture and in Minimalism

The human brain is an important organ in the human body. The brain controls a person’s actions and most importantly it is responsible for any innovations and inventions in the society. The fact that the brain acts as the Centre for control of both internal and external operations of a person, it is of interest to scholars. Psychologists believe that a person’s behavior can be explained by understanding their mental state. While there are no or minimal disagreements concerning the role and ... Details