Paintings of Kelly Detweiler

Kelly Detweiler is a painter who invented a wide-eyed cast of characters to occupy his loving but satirical painting. Moreover, he worked with anthropomorphized and shaggy cast of animals who play suggestive roles of instinctive as well as fierce inner natures. In his painting, human and animals coexist in mythological situations since his artist ideas blossom from him unconsciously. Detwiler is an alert, spiritual as well as earnest artist just like the actors and actress who are put through trial and tribulation but never lose the innocence. He loves his painting so much that he cannot let them be destroyed. This paper will focus on ‘Faculty Meeting’ painting by Kelly Detweiler and its significance.

‘Faculty Meeting, by Kelly Detweiler was made to represent the issue of conflict that happens among animals since it also happens to the human being. Conflict is the universal issue and in the painting by Kelly it was the subject matter. Human and animals fight over everything may it be food, land, oil, religion, skin color among others. ‘Faculty Meeting’ is composed of acrylic canvas that has been painted using different colors to bring out contrasting effect. In the painting, Kelly Detweiler was influenced by issues of conflict that are very common in everyday life. He used fighting dogs and cats to communicate something universal .However, his life still moves through the historical sequence of painting from three dimension still life to the reverse of three dimensions still life.


The painting conveys a disputatious mood since the dogs and cats were fighting. 

Kelly painting is similar to other artist’s works since he used to paint on canvas using water and oil based colors. However, his painting using animals to represent two groups communicated something universal about humankind. The work of Kelly functions in more than one level in that it echoes the overall textures and patterning of canine gathering in the forest yet the event was energized by the conflict. Moreover, the kingdom that sometimes is peaceful becomes wild and chaotic. The intended reaction when one sees the portrait is to try to understand the cause of the conflict between the two groups of animals. This shows that when the animal enters the forest, nature steps back to become the stage for animal drama.

Kelly work is controversial in that it bring out the force for evil that happen in nature and this can be likened to the competition that occur between the human being and animal through their life.  Kelly’s paintings were influenced by cubism that seems to describe the ongoing drama in life that was out of control and full of uncertain meaning. ‘Faculty meeting’ by Kelly influenced the mood of people by seeing the tow conflicting group of animals. The painting makes me feel happy since it adds the personal narrative of animals, forms and faces they are familiar to me.

Iconography refers to use of symbols and images to portray movement, ideal as well as a subject. In art, the term can also be the use of specific symbols to convey certain genre. In ‘Faculty Meeting’ by Kelly, the group of two different animals fighting symbolizes conflict that is universal in humankind. The type of art used by Kelly is painting since he has been a pro-life drawing incessantly as well as doodling. Moreover, he collects image and objects for inspiration thus creating a found object sculpture, working on paper and canvas from small to large object as well as collecting printed images for purposes of the college. The style that Kelly employs is mostly personal since the drawing and painting of Faculty Meeting was during an actual faculty meeting. 

The intended audience is the people from all kinds especially students since it mimics the real situation in academic institutions where competition is fierce. The formal visual elements that were used in Faculty Meeting were bright colors, dark colors in the background, and the painting was in a rich pattern of bold colors constructed out of numerous of small found objects. Kelly paintings functioned as a symbol of issues that human being undergo on a day to day life. Kelly painting was paid by John Natsoulus Center for Arts. The vantage point the work implies in the faculty meeting is the two groups of animals in a fierce fight in the certain event. Kelly Detweiler made the artwork in 2008. The subject matter in faculty meeting painting was the conflict that exists between animal and a human kind that is universal.

It shows that a peaceful kingdom can become chaotic, wild as well as slapstick burlesque of dog-eat-dog-life. The artwork makes my eyes travel in circulation motion due to the way the animal seem to interlock. 

The artist was trained in art history class at Grossmont College.  The work was not well received by then since he dealt with pop art., and there was also a gap between the figurative work that Kelly did and the newest art he was doing as a student. All his work is titled including the Faculty Meeting painting that was painted in an actual meeting. The financial value of his work is not given. The historical ownership of Kelly artwork was personal painting. His work was once stolen, and the technique was that used to steal it was through donors and he eliminated the collectors so that he could collect money on his own. Kelly is physically fit, and though he may have a sense of humor, he takes his work seriously.

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