Anthropology refers to the scientific study that relates to the origin, behavior and development of human beings. Anthropologists study to understand more about man and his physical, social and cultural development. Anthropologists gather information dealing with different cultures in order to understand how culture has affected man and his lifestyle. There are different theories and school of thought concerning culture and its mode of operation. Cultural anthropologists study the past and present cultures in order to understand how man behaves how he behaves. Cultural anthropology itself falls into different categories.

One of the categories of cultural anthropology is ethnology, and this section deals with the systematic study of culture to understand how it functions and operates. Linguistic anthropology refers to the study of the history and culture of language to understand its relevance to human beings. Archeology refers to the study of man’s past usually remains through renovation and reconstruction. To understand how cultural anthropology operates, one must understand how these anthropologists gain information for research.


Markedly, one important method of gaining the information for anthropology includes using informants, who can provide detailed information for research. The informants are usually people in a particular community who are willing to share information concerning their culture. Anthropologists can also carry out interviews in order to get the necessary information for research. Yet another way of gaining information is through participant information.Therefore, most anthropology research is carried out by these means. Yet another branch of anthropology is physical anthropology, and it involves the study of the historical beginnings of human beings in order to understand where they originated.

There are three different branches of physical anthropology and these include paleoanthropology, which includes studying bone and stone remains in order to understand and assess the remains of our ancestors. Primatology is another branch of study, and it involves the study of primates. Human variation is yet another form of study and it is concerned with looking at the variations and the physical differences between the different existing human being races and tribes. Anthropology is an important field of study because it deals with understanding man from different viewpoints.

Some of the research of anthropology can be obtained through interaction with the particular community under study. Anthropology and culture are synonymous and in order to study anthropology one should understand and study different cultures from different viewpoints. Anthropolgy deals with the holistic study of human beings in order to understand more about them and the different cultures that exist. Furthermore, the holistic approach to anthropology can be seen in the way the different fields of anthropology are all interrelated. The different types of anthropologists study different phenomena and try to understand how they correlate.

The students of anthropology usually benefit from the holistic approach as they study phenomena from both the past and the future of man in order to understand man better. Ideally, anthropology looks at the cultural, biological, environmental and biological aspects of man. Moreover, Anthropology offers training in all the areas of expertise in order to give the learner a broader perspective on the holistic nature of the study. In itself, a generalizing and comparative discipline helps human beings to understand and appreciate diversity on all levels. Through studying anthropology, one can learn to explain and understand things through a different worldview.

 Studying anthropology is important because it helps the human being to be able to reason and see things from a different perspective.Furthermore, it helps a person to be open-minded and learn how to appreciate different cultures and embrace them. It also enriches the daily life of a person by giving one exposure to the world cultures. Another important element of studying anthropology is that it connects one to the world around in a different way because it exposes all the aspects of everyday life in a new way. It makes one a different person and enables them to live a richer and more fulfilled life.

Importantly, to major in a B.A in Anthropology would give one a wide variety of career prospects. It is a good arts degree to enroll for, and it opens the door for a wide variety of educational options that include a wide variety of graduate studies such as law, gender studies, philosophy and many more. Anthropology as an art for is a critical study subject and will assist the student by increasing the exposure as well as awareness concerning certain situations. It would also assist the arts student to have a bigger appreciation for arts studies and by understanding anthropology, they would relate better to other arts subjects.

 Studying anthropology gives one a bigger career advantage over other liberal arts subjects and many leading employers are beginning to embrace the fact. Anthropology students are well rounded and are more aware of their surroundings. Furthermore, they can cope better in difficult work circumstances and can cope more easily with workmates. The study of anthropology gives one cross cultural awareness as well as excellent communication skills, which are mandatory in the modern workplace. Many people who get an undergraduate degree in anthropology go further to pursue the masters and the doctorate. By choosing the career of an anthropologist, one gives themselves the opportunity to engage in a whole choice of careers. Therefore, this art subject is vital in the curriculum.

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