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Knowledge is the biggest human value that fills people’s life with meaning and predefines an individual development and social progress. Being the core element of majority processes a man influences their rush obstructing them or contributing to their successful outcomes. It is the basis for communication corresponding with an atmosphere in society. High communication culture can help avoiding a social crisis when lack of it is the precondition for the social tension in both separate community and international relations. Considering the knowledge people gain studying, it can be said the education is the precursor for progressive and sustainable development of the world community. Underestimating or obstructing the educational process is the way to the society’s self-destruction. The awareness of this is the critical factor, especially by the government that should provide the decent conditions for educating. The paper aimed at analyzing the issue of cutting down the educational appropriations in England and ways of its solution, including effective governing. 

The analysis will consist of two parts where the first one summarizes the data of prior work on the topic with accents on the issue’s context, method of its exploration and possible solutions. The second part will develop the identified solutions. Four solving-problem ways were surveyed in presentation will e disclosed broader with emphasizing their expediency and positive effects. 


Summary of the group presentation

The presentation was created to explore the issue of decreasing the state financing of education in the Great Britain in detail and find ways to ban such reduction. The presentation's title “Ban “Cutting down the British Educational Appropriations” reflects this purpose. The technique of 'The 5 Whys & H' that belongs to the most useful instruments was used to represent different aspects of the issue.

The issue and its aspects

Recently in 2015, the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain approved the decreasing of educational budget. Thus, the issue is rather fresh for the British society and may seem to be not as significant as it is because its aftermath is invisible yet. However, being today on the first stage, drastic negative changes related to the reduction of financing certainly will reach their magnitude in the nearest future. The number of involved parties and issue’s significance for social development is the primary reasons for this. Thus, firstly lack of financing will be reflected in the educational system causing outdating of schools’ material sources, losing the qualified teachers and increasing the load on the rest of staff, rising of classes’ sizes, etc. Then, the society will feel the outcomes of the issue as economic, including high unemployment level and poverty, scientists’ outflow, so medical and social caused by the low quality of education or related to the hard economic condition.   

Method of the issue’s exploration

The technique 'The 5 Whys & H', that was considered an efficient cause roots instrument, was applied to explore profound and complicated nature of the issue and disclose the aspects were mentioned above. It allowed looking at the problem of decreasing state financing on education from different perspectives by the means of answering the questions: Who? Where? What? When? Why? How? Applying of this technique helped to reveal the cause-effect interrelations between the issue’s aspects and find out the feasible measures that could promote the solving of the problem.

The issue’s solutions

Regarding the state financing of education is the issue of financial burden on the United Kingdom of Great Britain’s economy, improving the situation is possible only if review the source of income to the state budget and its redistribution. That is why the presentation proposes four ways for solving the problem that related to the lessening financial burden and increasing the effectiveness of funds’ use. Thus, it is advisable to improve financing educational appropriations, increase the taxation of businesses, to encourage enterprises to assist the community in providing a decent quality of education, to optimize the studying process by use of energy-saving technologies.


Review the distribution of funding in favour of educational needs 

The state budget that should support numerous public sectors is limited and is not able to satisfy all requests for financing. Every year the government faces with the need of redistribution its funds based on the priorities and considering the threats that underfunding may cause. According to the approach that The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting (CIPFA) developed the goals and subjects of the public financial management should be grounded on “sustainable social benefits” and resonate with sponsor results, public, community and individual values. The education sector corresponds with all mentioned points. When interrelation between education and three of them is evident because of knowledge meaning for individual and social progress, the economic outturn of educational appropriation is still a controversial issue. The income-oriented priorities are the primary obstruction for understanding the significance of financial support of education. 

Indeed, the financing of education is an investment in the human resources that are the crucial asset of any economic process. That is why, it is the best way of growth, and the states can move from one stage of their economic development to the other through investment in human resource. Innovative capacity of the economy that predefines the progressive economic changes is one of the primary educational aspects corresponding with economic growth. Moreover, the higher education is one of the leading export markets of the United Kingdom of Great Britain that occupies 12 percents of the international student market and comprises 2,5 percents of GDP. The country’s advance on the international market is worth saving not only because of revenue but also for involving the gifted and talented persons in the development of British community.

Thus, decent level of state financing in education allow saving the high level of human intelligence, professional skills and open-minded, innovative thinking that will promote the economic growth and prosperity. At the same time, an underfunding may cause drastic negative changes that turn the country to the level of emergency economy and social degradation. That is why, review the distribution of funding in favour of educational needs is the efficient solution to the issue that can help avoiding the detrimental effects.  

Lessening financial burden through the increased taxation of businesses

It may seem unjust to compensate the expenditure of one sector by the sources of the others. However, according to the first dimension of public finance management, the government should be able to fund its activities from the revenues the significant part of which the taxes are. Moreover, the business is the leading user of human resources that are prepared by educational establishments, and the sum that the government will add to the existing rates of taxes entrepreneurs may consider a private investment in the future staff. Indeed, such reasoning business will not perceive rightly having no awareness of the issue’s significance and creating the ground for understanding is the next crucial solution.

Encouraging the enterprises to assist communities in supporting the education

Encouraging both the public and private sector is one more essential task and integral part of the effective public financial management. Targeting messages aimed at providing the core information about state’s priorities, proper justification of them and disclosing the aftermaths that may be caused by the rejection of them. Providing the entrepreneurs with the awareness that society is among the things they should not sacrifice because of collecting financial returns is the crucial task for the government. It can help improve the situation concerning education financing not only at the given moment but also create the ground for avoiding the repetition of this situation in the future.    

Optimizing of the educational process

Educating establishments as the other public and private institution widely use the natural sources such as energy, water, fuel. The review of the policy concerning the efficient use of them, active participating in the governmental program of sustainable environment can help saving the sources as well as short the spending on payment for them. There were several directions in schools’ governance concerning the promotion of saving financial funds and provide ecological education, according to the energy management matrix, was proposed by the Carbon Trust. Thus, the determining of the department that will hold the energy policy, staff and students training on issue’s significance and their role in tackling it, investment in energy-saving technologies and equipment may be the fundamental measures. Besides, the schools may include the subject to the curriculum for the better understanding of its essence. Thus, such tasks as mathematic exercise asking to find out how much energy the school uses when all its lights are on may be the efficient tool in energy management.  


After all, the significance of educational process for the social and economic development is evident. Decreasing of the state financing of education can cause the drastic negative transformations in the other sectors, including the economy. Ultimately, the society will pay the higher price for this decision if comparing with savings that the reduction of educational financing can bring. There are a lot of ways in financial management to lessen the country’s financial burden and mobilize money sources to avoid the social and economic destruction that the deterioration of educational system may cause.   

Creative organisation

The globalisation and principles of open economy create the dynamic conditions in the global community and sharpen the market competition replacing weak rivals from the world economic play. Ability to meet the latest challenges is the crucial precursor for the company’s competitiveness. That is why the innovative capacity and creativeness that help the organisation stand out against other are so powerful methods of increasing their performance on the global market. The paper seeks to survey the notion of creativity and present one of the creative organisations of The United Kingdom of Great Britain.  

The essence of the creativity

The creativity belongs to the most popular and widely used notion of nowadays. People used to call creative almost everything that goes beyond established frames of triviality or what they can not understand. They mostly associate it with the art activity, not with the business productivity. Numerous approaches to the explaining creativity exist, but there is no single definition of this concept that is quite controversial.


There were a lot of the authors trying to define creativity. Thus, Gryskiewicz defined it as novel associations that are useful; Ruth Noller suggests that creativity is the function of a social attitude toward the beneficial use of it alongside with knowledge, imagination, and evaluation. Besides, those who attempted to create a single definition of creativity the author trying to analyze different visions and utilize them to provide an understanding of creativity process, such as Rhodes having collected 56 definitions.  By the means of this approach the complex image of creativity as the system “4P’s” (person, process, product, and press) was created. It allows defining the creativity as the result or product is produced by people or organization in the process of their activity under the press of circumstances (new challenge, crisis, another context). 

Primary features

Considering the Frank Barron’s definition claiming that creativity is the ability to bring something new to human existence, this result or product should demonstrate novelty, as well as the process of their production, should use the fresh, modern approaches. A creative approach implies organization’s attempting to get advantages by new, unstructured, and open-ended transformations and prior unknown solutions related to the whole production process.

Presentation of the organisation

Amazon belongs to the biggest world companies providing online retail shopping services. Being founded in 1994 in the United States of America its activity can be observed in the global market, including the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The company offers diverse programs for the broad range of customer, including ordinary people who want buy something, sellers who try to sell their products, enterprises of all sizes that use the Amazon Web Services providing access to technology infrastructure. The circle of market propositions consistently increase because of active creative and innovative activity of the company.   

The evidence of organisation’s creativity

Novelty, Inc. occupies the eights place among the most innovative companies in the world according to the Forbes’s rank 2015. There is no surprise if considering the company positions itself as the builder and pioneer whose task is invention and creation on customer’s behalf. The company’s products confirm such positioning with its freshness and novelty that is the primary feature of the creativeness. Thus, Amazon Fire TV, a dash button, fresh delivery, first in its kind portable reader, and drone delivery system are among numerous unique and new inventions of the company. All of them firstly faced with the social distrust but today they are an integral part of daily human life. 

The company uses the approach of novelty not only in providing its services but also concerning its business activity. Trying to correspond with the latest environment tendencies it uses the recycling method and provides its building with the energy from the nearby centre. Moreover, the company is famous with its various social initiatives.  Thus, the company’s career program is a quite significant contribution to the development of world human resources. Besides, this service resonates with the latest human-oriented tendency, Amazon makes its innovative accents on the internal human aspirations and tries to extract them from the depth of person’s conscious. 


According to the one of the definitions, usefulness is one more feature of creativity.  All the company’s services have strong practical applying that corresponds with the current challenge. Thus, its latest invention on the fast drone delivery system goes hand in hand with quick tempo of human life and the need for promptness in all spheres. Providing delivery of packages by the means of small aerial vehicles, called drones allows shorten the delivery time to 30 minutes that is the fastest way of getting the goods.  

Moreover, the drone also can be used for the social purposes, such as medical help. Providing prompt delivery of professional consultation by the means of new vehicle Amazon expects to decrease the number of lethal cases of cardiovascular diseases. Besides usefulness of this last innovation, all the products and services of Amazon are multisided and meet the customers’ needs. Such versatility of Amazon’s proposals is predefined with unprecedented creativity aimed at increasing productivity on behalf of its clients


After all, besides it is rather complicated to find out a single definition for the concept of creativity, it is evident that it is the result of a person's going beyond the traditional thinking. Two features such as novelty and usefulness could be extracted from the numerous characteristic of creative activity. Both of them could be observed in the functioning of Amazon Company that belongs to the most innovative organisation in the world whose services daily surprise its customers. Thus, the creativity belongs to the critical business capacities that are the crucial precursor for the growth and development. 

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