Foundation of the parenting is kind of certain drudgery. People want to raise their children in a worthy way. As a rule, they often use false strategies. First of all, everybody has a strong influence on their own parents. Secondly, parents make some mistakes that have quite harmful consequences for enhancing relationships within the family. Nowadays, parents face a number of choices on how to raise their children. There are numerous books, websites and publications that can help with the model of upbringing their beloved offspring. The National Extension Parent Education Model is one of these ways.


Misbehavior of children

It even does not matter if a child lives in a poor family or in a family with no father. Sometimes children are naughty. It is natural. Each parent is not able to avoid some conflicts and misbehavior. However, the communication is the main foundation of relationships between parents and their children. The dialogue in family leads to worthy and respectful relationships. Nevertheless, parents should remember that communication creates interconnectedness between them and their children. It is a process of sharing needs, wants and opinions. By no means, this process should be considered as a one-way try of imposition. If parents argue about their rules with children, they start to believe the rules are changeable. Anyway, children want to be heard and their opinion should be mentioned. In this case, the communicational process would help to solve many types of complex issues. Certainly, families expose huge variety of unique family subsystems and family structures. At the same time, storytelling is the most fundamental way to create identity. This model of dialogue is useful in many ways. It is a process when parents share their experience with the help of memories and stories of their life. This process can be considered as quite liberal one in case a child is able to analyze the situation during the current consequences. Certainly, a child knows how his parents live so he is able to avoid some mistake to achieve bigger success. Since parents usually want better future for their children, this model of sharing experience with the help of story telling makes a child think and make his choice without any push. If children continue to debate, parents should remind them calmly that they have heard their request and their reasons and that they have taken time to think about it.

The model of communication is transactional process that allows parents to build successful relationships with their children. There are several rules that can strengthen communication. Parents do not have to interrupt and judge their children at once. The situation of misunderstanding between generations is evident. Moreover, the misunderstanding can be carried by parent’s unwillingness to repeat child’s arguments in his own words. It means that the reflective listening should be achieved in order to formulate accurate sense of the message. Parents should be able to be in the shoes of their children. Permanent communication means nothing until it is not diplomatic enough.

The problem of misbehavior often leads to spontaneous and immediate solutions of adults. Parents often use strict measures without understanding the reasons of such a behavior. In fact, naughty deeds can be avoided in many ways. First of all, parents should pay enough attention to their child. It means that parents should not only spend their vacations being fully absorbed by their business. It would be much better to practice reflective listening as much as it is possible. While solving problems it is better to use “we”. Children should feel that parents identify themselves as their friends willing for a mutual concern. In case parents need to correct behavior of their child, it is better to choose discipline. Punishment can be used either. In fact, there are numerous models for successful parenting. The National Extension Parent Education Model is one of these prototypes. It is really useful model because it suggests a basic overview of parenting essentials. As it was mentioned above, the factor of understanding is very important. This model suggests observing children’s behavior. It is very important to strengthen this model. This model is aimed to teach children how to be responsible and formulate the main fundamental values. In addition, this model matches with my view of children in the context that they want to be guided. They want to see the example of right behavior; they want to know what to do to be prosperous. They should be motivated. Parents teach children about themselves and the world around them. Nobody except parents can help in such curious aspects as managing information in developmentally appropriate way. As it was mentioned above, communication plays outstanding role in building good parenting model. The National Extension Parent Education model includes one more good issue that helps to enhance relationships. It is about parent education groups where parents can make right solution due to discussions and sharing experiences.

Childcare is a key element of healthy relationships within family unit

People want to raise their children in a worthy way. As a rule, they often use false strategies. Sometimes they have a strong influence on their own parents. However, the upbringing model can appear helplessly blended and uncoordinated. Parents usually make some mistakes that have negative impacts on family relationships. Fortunately, modern society offers parents a number of choices, which succor them to raise their children in a proper way. National Extension Parent Education Model can help with formulating the specific way of upbringing future generation.

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