Critical Essay

What is a Critical Essay

A critical essay reviews the work of another author. It can be assigned as an academic project of any kind: scientific, literary, artwork, etc. Since students have to provide their thoughts on various topics, it is important they study the review process thoroughly because their task will be to state an objective and balanced opinion as to the negative and positive points of the discussed work. When the student takes on the role of a reviewer, their main objective becomes to assess the work accurately and objectively from an impartial position. In a critical lens essay, the provided information has to be supported by evidence. Therefore, students can derive a substantial benefit from choosing the subject they are familiar with. It is of great importance to choose the right theme for your essay. In addition, you must remember that you cannot narrate in the first person as this particular type of the essay analyzes another author’s work.


How to Write a Critical Essay

Grab the Reader’s Attention at Once

It is evident that a critical analysis essay must interest the reader immediately. Since many people who refer to the review have not read the original work, the quality of a critical essay will reflect on their attitude to the matter in discussion. For this reason, the attraction has to start with the headline. It has to make the reader want to continue reading. You can mention the most striking aspects of the subject: either positive or negative. It is a well-known fact that a controversy about a specific issue captures the most attention. Providing a possible solution to the discussed problem will also get the audience interested. You can also compare the idea of your essay with the viewpoints of other specialists in the field. It will make your critical essay more serious and weighty. Your essay will be considered an expert opinion on the topic.

It is Vital to Be Analytical

What is a critical essay? It is a detailed analysis of a certain issue. Students who decide to embark on the adventure of composing this kind of writing should have profound writing skills, great abilities of critical thinking, and logical reasoning.

Therefore, it is a distinct advantage for a student to have a considerable knowledge or experience in a certain subject. The process of writing a critical essay might be quite lengthy. The writer has to focus on a particular number of aspects he or she is going to discuss. If you try to cover multiple issues on the topic, you risk distracting your readership from the main idea and driving them away with the complexity and size of your essay.

How to Deploy an Argument in Your Essay

It is efficient to apply an argumentative outline to your essay. To accomplish that, you have to work on improving your writing style that has to be unique. English coursework for GCSE usually gives students good opportunities to learn how to write a critical essay. They have enough practice in various aspects of writing, ways to express themselves in a persuasive manner and generate objective opinions. Students are also taught to compare their thoughts with the viewpoints of experts. After that, they can analyze and assess a particular work of an author.In such a way, it is much easier for students to collect the data ton the topic they need. A convincing writing style strengthens the writer’s position as well as conclusive evidence supporting the expressed opinion (it can be presented as quotes, examples, comparative and statistical charts, and problem solutions).

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